A sneak peek at Little Day Outing to Castle Beach: Amazing Sandcastles Family Workshop


It was a laidback Tuesday afternoon at East Coast Park’s Castle Beach. The weather was nice, and a soothing breeze from the sea added to the charm of the place.


We were here to meet Alvin Lee, who will be conducting the Amazing Sandcastles Family Workshop at Little Day Out’s Castle Beach outing in June.

We asked Alvin if he could show us how to make a sandcastle and he obliged, even though he wasn’t dressed for it.

It took him all of 20 minutes to get an amazing sandcastle done! A whole complex with brick-walled towers of varied sizes, intricate battlements, connecting stairways, turrets, a gatehouse, and not forgetting Alvin’s favourite cone-shaped trees!


“I’ve done this for twenty years,” the sandcastle building pioneer explained, noticing that our jaws had dropped all the way to the floor.

It was fascinating watching Alvin at work. His concentration, passion for the craft, and the kick he gets from successfully pulling off a difficult move makes it all look so exciting!


At one point, he asked me to hold a sand mould in place for him. “You can’t build a sandcastle on your own,” he said, a comment that resonated with our vision to encourage family bonding through this workshop.

Building a sandcastle isn’t only about the skill, but also how united the family is as every member works together to complete the majestic structure.

It also encourages creativity.

Alvin said that he has never repeated a castle design in the twenty years he has used his sand tools, which he invented together with his son and niece. Branded BeachWorks, these tools won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio award at the New York Toy Fair, the Oscar of the toy industry, in 1998.

With the techniques that Alvin and two other experienced instructors will be imparting, you’ll be able to build your dream sandcastle exactly the way you’ve imagined. Talk about BTO!


While Alvin was building, people from all walks of life came to take a look, attracted by the beauty of the sand structure. There were curious kids marvelling at how the sandcastle was constructed, parents eager to capture a shot of their kids with the masterpiece, an elderly auntie and her companions who made a detour from their usual walking route…. Even the cleaner uncle, with broom in hand, came to take a shot.


And that’s the magic of sandcastle building. It’s fun. It’s beautiful. It draws people together.


We hope it draws your family closer together.

To sign up for Little Day Outing to Castle Beach: Amazing Sandcastles Family Workshop, click here. You can also read more about Alvin and our vision for the workshop here.

Little Day Outing to Castle Beach: Amazing Sandcastles Family Workshop
Dates: Saturday, 3 June 2017 and Saturday 24 June, 2017
Time: 4 – 6pm
Venue: Castle Beach, East Coast Park
Price: $16 for a child-adult ticket; $12 for an additional adult or child ticket
For ages 4 and above
Click here to purchase your tickets.

*LATEST UPDATE: A new session on 25 June 2017 has been added to the Amazing Sandcastles Family Workshop. Sign up here.

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