Popular Bilingual Activity Packs Now in a Printed Compilation


Little Day Out Shop contributor, Jacqueline Zhang, has launched a printed compilation of four of her bilingual activity packs. Titled My Bilingual Preschool Activity Packs, it includes the popular Ji Fan, Exploring My Neighbourhood, How Much Is It?, and Jacqueline’s latest product Where Is It?

The compilation is available in black-and-white print, full-colour print, and full-colour print with lamination of activity pages at the launch prices of $10, $20, and $30 respectively.

“I know how busy parents can be, and I wanted to make it as convenient as possible for parents to use the activity packs with their children,” said Jacqueline.

To save parents precious time, she decided to offer printed versions of her activity packs through this compilation.

Her greatest wish is for “children to enjoy learning from their parents” and “parents to spend quality time with their children too, as they work through the activity packs”.

Order chicken rice the way you like it using the cut-outs of ingredients and an order form in Ji Fan.

Spin the wheel, tell the cost in English or Mandarin, and pay the correct amount in How Much Is It?

Learn the value of money using actual coins in How Much Is It?


Ji Fan teaches children how to order their own meals in both Mandarin and English through a role-playing game complete with cut-outs of ingredients for chicken rice and order sheets.

Exploring My Neighbourhood aims to acquaint children with their neighbourhoods, helping them learn the terms for key facilities and services in the community in both English and Mandarin, and initiating little adventures in the vicinity.

How Much Is It? helps children understand and articulate the cost of items in English and Mandarin in three systematic levels of learning, through fun activities and practical applications.

Where Is It? teaches children how to describe where things and places are found in both English and Mandarin, through games and simple visual guides.

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Jacqueline has contributed 12 products to Little Day Out Shop since its launch in June last year. She is no stranger to curriculum creation, having worked as a secondary school teacher and with the Ministry of Education before the birth of her son, Reef. Her ideas are brought to life through the artwork of her good friend, Angeline.

Jacqueline’s products are inspired by her interactions with her son and nieces.

“If I notice life skills that they need to learn or improve in, I want to find ways to help them acquire these skills,” said Jacqueline.

With this mindset, she comes up with unique activity ideas that cover everyday topics like food and the neighbourhoods we live in, introducing kids to the world around them in fun and creative ways. She adds the bilingual element into her activity packs to give children more exposure to the Chinese language.

Jacqueline has this to say about her products: “I hope you will find the products useful, create wonderful memories with your children as you use them, and celebrate with your children as they acquire the skills. Enjoy!”

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