Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Idea: Turn Your Child’s Old Onesie into a Dinosaur Plushie


It’s time for the annual spring cleaning again. Can’t bear to give away the cute onesies and t-shirts that your little one has outgrown? Why not turn one of them into a one-of-a-kind dinosaur plushie for your child?

Once a onesie, now a plushie.

Memory Dinosaur is the brainchild of Joo Dee, who turned her hobby of crafting into a business named Crafts For The Masses more than two years ago. She cleverly uses socks and fabric from the onesie or t-shirt provided by a customer to create the adorable soft toy. Every Memory Dinosaur is unique, made specifically with its owner in mind.

The first Memory Dinosaur that Joo Dee made was for her son. To her, it was about “retaining a part of my son’s childhood” by converting his old t-shirt into a dinosaur plushie. Needless to say, her son fell in love with the super huggable toy.

Joo Dee’s son with his customised dinosaur plushie

As orders came in, Joo Dee found more purpose and joy in making the cute dinosaurs.

“It’s so satisfying to be able to help his mommy keep a part of the memory…. It makes it extra meaningful!” Joo Dee said of her handcrafted dinosaur plushie for a little boy called Caden.

Every Memory Dinosaur is made with love and attention to detail. As it is fully handcrafted, it takes about six weeks to complete. It is well worth the wait though, when you see the excitement on your little one’s face!

The familiarity of an old favourite t-shirt, coupled with the appeal of a cute dinosaur figure. Your child will be hugging his or her Memory Dinosaur for years to come! What fun it is to grow up with a dino best friend!

Click here to order a Memory Dinosaur for the little one.

Stress-free Shopping for Unique Christmas Gifts


The lights at Orchard Road are up and blinking. Christmas season is here!

And so is the Christmas shopping!

To help you avoid last-minute shopping stress, we’ve picked out some unique Christmas gifts for you, easily available with just a few swipes and clicks:

Memory Dinosaur


Turn your child’s onesie or t-shirt into a one-of-a-kind dinosaur plushie for him or her! Handcrafted by Crafts for the Masses’ Joo Dee, Memory Dinosaur is a meaningful way to remember your child’s earlier years. This super huggable cutie takes six weeks to complete, so be sure to make your purchase early. Or rather, now!

Memory Dinosaur, $68, from Crafts for the Masses. More info here.

The Ollie Comics


This gem of a read is by Eisner-nominated author Andrew Tan, better known as Drewscape. Through comics that depict often funny real-life scenarios in Andrew’s first two years of fatherhood, this book brings back fond memories for parents who have been there, done that; provides tips for new parents; and engages kids in a different way from their usual books. Read the review here.

The Ollie Comics: Diary of a first-time dad, $24 (free shipping), from Drewscape. Make your purchase here.

3-in-1 Xmas Starry Pack


A bright and cheery Nativity wreath, stuffed Christmas tree ornament, and cute Gingerbread Man stackable crayons. That’s three gifts in one cool busy bag! Little ones will have so much fun sticking, stuffing, and sewing to create their own Christmas decorations!

3-in-1 Xmas Starry Pack, $14.90, from TicTacTote. Get it here.

Singapore Traditional Old School Games Set

Singapore Traditional Old School Games

Introduce the gadget-hungry children of today to the games you played as a kid. Marbles, chaptehs, pick-up sticks, five stones, country erasers, and playing cards! It’s fun the old-school way, and it’s going to be a very refreshing change for the young ones!

Singapore Traditional Old School Games Set, $16, from Little Day Out. Buy your set here

Guide to Primary One – Book and Activity Sheets Bundle

Guide to Primary One

Someone going to Primary One next year? This is the perfect gift to get the little one excited about going to Primary One while offering lessons and tips – pitched at a kid’s level – for transiting well to primary school.

Guide to Primary One – Book and Activity Sheets Bundle, $13.32, from Little Day Out Shop. Purchase it here.