Exclusive 17% Off Books from Armour Publishing for Little Day Out Readers

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Have a bookworm at home? Or trying to encourage the kids to read more? Here’s a piece of good news: Armour Publishing is extending an exclusive 17% off most of its book titles to Little Day Out readers! To enjoy this discount, all you need to do is to key in the promo code LDO17 during checkout! And if your order reaches $50, you’ll enjoy free shipping as well!

Armour Publishing has published many children’s books, including the popular Timmy & Tammy series, Ranger Anne series and Joy Cowley series on physical, emotional and social wellbeing. These books help grow children’s love for reading through stories that are not just compelling, but educational and promote good values as well.

The Timmy & Tammy series, written by Ruth Wan-Lau and illustrated by Eliz Ong, has sold over 280,000 copies and was even presented to Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana to commemorate the royal birth in 2015!


Committed to promoting local writers, Armour Publishing has enabled Singaporean children to enjoy reads with a local flavour and perspective. Timmy and Tammy, from the eponymous series, visit attractions in Singapore such as the Botanic Gardens and Pulau Ubin. Stacey from the Stacey & the Museum series encounters dramatic experiences at Singapore’s iconic museums. The Ranger Anne series is inspired by its author Anita Sebastian’s time of working at the Night Safari.

The museums come alive when Stacey visits in the Stacey & the Museum series, written by Lianne Ong and illustrated by James Tan.

You can also take advantage of the 17% off to purchase books from the Words of Wisdom series, written by teacher-turned-writer Rosalind Lim. This series teaches about common idioms and proverbs through interesting stories so children can fully understand and even use them in their writings!

Read the fun stories, learn these words of wisdoms and put them into practice!

Another type of wisdom is in cultivating good values from young. Introduce your child to acclaimed Australian writer Ken Spillman’s Virtues Series, in which important virtues are identified and shared through relatable characters and engaging stories.

Help your child learn about reliability, compassion, forgiveness and other virtues through interesting stories in the Virtues Series by Ken Spillman.


Want your child to be effectively bilingual? Get Armour Publishing’s Chinese or Malay children’s books too! Ten of the popular titles in the Timmy & Tammy series have been translated to Chinese, so kids can learn to love the language as they immerse themselves in the adventures of Timmy and Tammy.

Now, children can read about Timmy and Tammy’s fun trips to various places in Singapore – in Chinese!

Joy Cowley’s well-being series is also available in Chinese and Malay. The best-selling series has sold more than 240,000 copies and is a good way to help children understand their emotions, learn how to be socially adept and take care of their physical health.

Joy Cowley Series: Emotional Well-being (Malay)


To make your purchase, simply click ‘Buy Product’ at the product listing on Little Day Out Shop, and you will be linked to the corresponding product at the Armour Publishing site. Add the product to cart and enter the promo code LDO17 as requested to enjoy 17% off the retail price. Remember to choose your delivery option.

The discount is applicable to all book titles at Armour Publishing, with the exception of Timmy & Tammy sets and e-books.

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Free Christmas Gift Labels With Any Purchase


This season of giving, we’ve designed a set of six original Christmas gift labels specially for Little Day Out Shoppers. Just make any purchase from the Little Day Out Shop (excluding free items), to get these printable gift labels – free.


Stick them onto your beautifully wrapped presents. Or use them as tags (punch a hole near the top right-hand corner and loop a piece of ribbon or twine through it). Whichever way you prefer to give with these tags, you’ll be making Christmas merrier and brighter for your loved ones.

If you’re looking for gifts to go with these gift labels, check out the customisable Christmas tree and star plush toys by Creyo. Embroider a name or a short message on the toy of your choice, to make it extra special for the recipient.

Don’t miss out on the busy bags from TicTacTote either. From dinosaur- to food-themed packs, there are countless creative play ideas to keep little hands and minds busy. Something else that feeds the mind: books. We’ve got books from local authors, about animals, excursions in Singapore, kindness, and more.


For something unique, how about the gift of rhythm? Book a dance class, or for the more adventurous, a parkour lesson! That would be a gift to remember!

Parkour Family for Kids and Parents, available from Little Day Out Shop from $35.

And if your child can’t wait for Christmas to come, help him or her countdown to the 25th in a meaningful way with the advent calendar from Jacqueline Zhang. It directs the whole family to share the love of the season and exercise the spirit of giving.

My Advent Calendar, available from Little Day Out Shop for $2.

Here’s wishing you a really merry Christmas, and a joyful new year!

Exciting New Products at Little Day Out Shop


October is the month of exams. Congratulations to those whose Primary Sixers have completed their exams! And to those who are still studying along with your primary schoolers, YOU CAN DO IT!

While you were busy tutoring the older ones, or running after the preschoolers, we’d been working hard welcoming new vendors and stocking new products. Presenting the newest additions to Little Day Out Shop:

Stimulating, educational and mostly lots of learning fun, these busy bags by Tic Tac Tote allow toddlers and preschoolers, from ages 2 to 7 years old to pick up learning skills, use their imagination, and get sensory and crafty!

Get the aspiring palaeontologist digging his own glow-in-the-dark T-Rex fossil bones. Test the junior cashier’s mathematical prowess. Or give the budding chef a chance to “play with food”!


Dino Fossil Dig, available at Little Day Out Shop for $12.90 (excluding shipping).


I’m A Cashier, available at Little Day Out Shop for $6.90 (excluding shipping).


Food Playmat, available at Little Day Out Shop for $10.90 (excluding shipping).

Find more bags of fun here.

Kids can find lots of fun in a book too. Allow them to join Timmy and Tammy as they go out and about to explore and learn in the Timmy & Tammy Series by Ruth Wan-Lau. Get them excited about going to the museum by introducing them to the Stacey & the Museums Series by Lianne Ong.

Timmy & Tammy Series (Set 1), available at Little Day Out Shop for $59.06 (excluding shipping).

Stacey & the Museums Series
Stacey & the Museums Series, available at Little Day Out Shop from $16.05 (excluding shipping).

The Ranger Anne Series by Anita Sebastian is a great choice for little animal lovers, while the Singa and the Kindness Cubbies Series by Sheri Tan teaches children about loving and thinking of others. You’ll also love the Joy Cowley Well-Being Series that promotes physical, emotional and social well-being among children in a fun way.

Ranger Anne Series Set 1
Ranger Anne Series (Set 1), available at Little Day Out Shop for $33.81 (excluding shipping).

Singa and the Kindness Cubbies Series
Singa and the Kindness Cubbies Series, available at Little Day Out Shop for $50.72 (excluding shipping).

Joy Cowley Series: Emotional Well-being, available at Little Day Out Shop from $34.24 (excluding shipping).

Discover more great books here.

See your child’s drawing come to life with CreYo, manufacturer of customised soft toys. Just submit the cute robot, sweet rabbit, or roaring dinosaur that your little artist has drawn, to have it transformed into a three-dimensional, huggable, one-of-a-kind art piece.


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