Activities for Chinese New Year


Chinese New Year is just around the corner. To get the festivities going, Little Day Out has collaborated with Creyo on a second drawing contest. Take part by sending us your child’s drawing! If it’s one of the three winning entries, Creyo will transform it into a one-of-a-kind plush toy for you! As a thank-you gesture, every participant will also receive 20% off Creyo’s rooster plush toy series. Send in your entries soon before the contest ends on 25 January 2017!

Rooster plush toy series at $23.90 each (before discount for participants)

It’s going to be a busy time of meeting with family and friends over the Chinese New Year – many of whom you see only once a year. Engage the kids with a rooster maze, a special Chinese New Year game, a fun fan-making session, and other activities with the Year of the Rooster Activity Pack from Wong Wai Ling!

Kids and adults alike can have fun and learn Chinese New Year greetings at the same time through a game of Snap!

Hopefully, kids get inspired to spring-clean their rooms after spotting the differences in the before and after!

Sometimes, children just want to have some quiet time on their own. Let them read The Magic Paintbrush, a good story in which a modern-day boy is transported to ancient China and learns important lessons about friendship, the dangers of abusing powers, and the value of creativity.

The Magic Paintbrush

Kids can also follow Timmy and Tammy on their pineapple tart-making adventure! And make some of their own if you’re up to it!

Timmy & Tammy: Pineapple Tarts

Here’s wishing you a happy Chinese New Year filled with abundant blessings!

Design Your Own Soft Toy and Other Ideas for the September Holidays


Going into September, it seems rather gloomy, with news of Zika, the haze, and circle line disruptions. Chin up! The holidays are here, and we’ve got some exciting recommendations for you. Let’s have some fun with the little ones!


Have you always been amazed by your child’s imaginative drawings? Here’s your chance to transform them into soft toys – three-dimensional, huggable, one-of-a-kind art pieces representing the little one’s creative mind! This September, take part in the contest organised by Little Day Out in collaboration with Creyo, manufacturer of customised soft toys. Have your little artist make a drawing and submit it to Little Day Out by 2 October. Three winners will have their sketches transformed into plushies. Get the details here.



How about a little craft time in preparation for Mid Autumn Festival celebrations? Contributor to Little Day Out Shop, Jacqueline Zhang, has come up with a bright idea to involve even the littler ones in the making of lanterns for the coming festival. And as she would say, “Enjoy!”


Click here for the instructions.


The September holidays may be too short for an overseas holiday for some. No problem! There are still corners of Singapore you may not have explored fully. Take Fort Canning, for instance. Have you been to the archaeological pit there? Or visited the Battle Box, a British command centre located 9 metres underground built in the 1930s? If you’re thinking of rediscovering Fort Canning with the little ones, get Little Day Out Shop’s Fort Canning Park activity pack. It contains 7 activity sheets to help children observe the surrounds and dive into the historic significance of the park.

Fort Canning Park Little Day Out Activity Pack

Fort Canning Park Little Day Out Activity Pack is available at Little Day Out Shop for $3.99.

On those days you don’t feel like going far, take your child on an exploration trip around your neighbourhood. Using Jacqueline Zhang’s Exploring My Neighbourhood activity kit, the little one will have fun learning more about the key facilities and services in your community, and the people who work there.


Exploring My Neighbourhood is available at Little Day Out Shop for $2.50.

We hope these ideas will bring much fun and cheer to your September holidays. Enjoy the break!