1 Check that your idea meets our criteria

It can be any idea: an activity pack, a guide on any topic, party decorations, a recipe book, craft templates, a t-shirt design, a handmade item…. We won’t limit your creativity. Just make sure that your product meets these requirements:
• We only publish original ideas. You must own the copyright to your content.
• Your product should be suitable for children between the ages of 0 and 12.
• Printable products should have a resolution of at least 300dpi.

2 Submit your idea

Upload a low-resolution image of your idea and a description of how it works. Our team will review it and if there’s publishing potential, we’ll contact you via email.

3 Send us the high-resolution file

Once your idea is selected, we’ll need a high-resolution file for publishing.

4 Earn a handsome sum and grow your fan base

Receive royalty rates of 70% of the net profit for ideas that are ready for sale, and 50% of the net profit for products that require editing help from the Little Day Out Shop team. Plus the satisfaction of sharing your idea with families around the world.

Submit your idea