Got a drawer full of ideas for curious kids? Publish them with us! Be they recipes for baking with the little ones, activity sheets for outings, or even templates for craft, we encourage you to share your projects with families around the world. And turn your creativity into cash.

Create the content and leave the rest to us

We’ll do the publishing and marketing for you, so you can focus on developing your idea. Leave the technical details such as product uploads and customer enquiries to us – just sit back, relax, and create.

Reach a targeted group of buyers

Little Day Out Shop is dedicated to engaging kids and helping families make great memories, which means you’re exposed to a very focused audience. You’ll also benefit from the Little Day Out online magazine following that we’ve built over the years.

Enjoy generous royalty rates

We offer royalties of up to 70% of the net profit. In the case of a downloadable product, this usually amounts to 70/100 x (list price – PayPal charge).

Get expert help

Have a fantastic idea but need help with the layout or illustration? Give us a shout and we’ll try to link you up with a designer or illustrator.

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