Memory Dinosaur



Can’t bear to throw away the cute onesie or t-shirt the little one has outgrown? Turn it into a one-of-a-kind, super huggable dinosaur plushie for him or her!

Memory Dinosaur is a meaningful way to remember your child’s earlier years. It’s so adorable, the little one will love it to bits!

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Each Memory Dinosaur plushie is about 14 inches in size, and custom-made with love and attention to detail by Joo Dee, the brains and hands behind Crafts For The Masses. The colours for the body, limbs, tail, and spikes will be chosen to complement the onesie or t-shirt provided. If you do not want certain colours to be used, please indicate so in the “Order notes” box when you make your order.

How to send your child’s clothing to Crafts For The Masses
There are two ways to send your onesie or t-shirt over:
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Delivery options
You can choose to have your Memory Dinosaur delivered to you via registered mail, or self-collect at 97 Jalan Sendudok, #01-71, Singapore 769474. Simply click on the corresponding button during checkout to indicate your preference. The plushie will be delivered in 6 weeks from the time your child’s clothing is received.

Limited number of plushies per month
To give maximum attention to each Memory Dinosaur, there is a cap to the number of orders taken every month. Should the product be “Out of Stock”, please wait till the next month to place your order. Thank you for your understanding.