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Learning Journeys – Timmy & Tammy Family Nature Walk at Singapore Botanic Gardens

Sold By: Armour Publishing

Armour Publishing presents a special Timmy & Tammy Family Nature Walk at Singapore Botanic Gardens. Bring your little ones and enjoy the rich plant and animal life in one of the world’s unique tropical gardens, now a UNESCO Heritage site!

As we journey through the Tanglin Core Gardens, we will explore the Swan Lake and try to spot the ducks, terrapins and swans that Timmy & Tammy children found. We will marvel at the old Heritage Trees along the way, including the “ancient” Tembusu featured on Singapore’s Five Dollar Note! Our walk will also take us to the iconic Bandstand and curtain of roots. Along the way, let our biologist guide show the other nature secrets of SBG, like the “Palm cave”, the largest seed in the world, how pots grow on trees, and so much more! So get ready for an amazing walk of fun and nature discovery!

For ages 4 and above.

Each purchase of a parent-child pair ticket to the event includes a free copy of the book Timmy & Tammy At the Botanic Gardens (retail price $7.38) written by Ruth Wan-Lau and illustrated by Eliz Ong.

For enquiries, contact Armour Publishing at sales@armourpublishing.com

Ticket holders will be contacted with details on the meeting point a week before the event date.

This programme is organised as part of Project “Buy Singlit” and is supported by NAC.