Joy Cowley Series: Social Well-being


“Fun stories and beautiful illustrations to capture children’s attention!”

The Joy Cowley Well-Being Series consists of 24 stories that promote physical, emotional and social well-being among children in a fun way. New features include teasers, new words and fun activities that will capture the child’s interest.

  • The Social Well-Being Series inculcates in children values that will make them responsible and well-adjusted members of society.
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8 Books in the Social Well-Being Series

  1. Looking After Suzie
  2. Good Manners
  3. Tornado Tony
  4. Friends
  5. Respect
  6. Helping
  7. Our School
  8. Our Town

Product Details
210 by 148 mm
16 pages per book
For 5 to 8 years old
Note: The Chinese version contains a CD.

About the Author
Joy Cowley has been working with children and writing for them for 40 years. She has published more than 500 books for students learning to read. She has an Hon. Doc, Litt from Massey University for her contribution to children’s literature.

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English, Chinese, Malay