Butterfly Ballet

From: $20.00

The Butterfly programme is an extension of the Caterpillar Crawlers programme.

Sold By: Wings To Wings Dance Development Centre

Children will apply techniques and further develop:

  • Expression and performance skills
  • Greater flexibility and physical strength
  • Improvisational techniques
  • A better appreciation of dance, music and performance arts

We hold at least two dance showcase and performances per year so that children will have experience to dance on the stage.

Price: $20 for 1 session
Recommended Ages: 2 to 18
Gender: Males & Females
Difficulty/Levels: Beginner
Class Capacity: 15
Amenities: Shower facilities and towels are available

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Wings to Wings Cancellation & Reschedule Policy 
1. We require 7 days notice for cancellations.
2. Makeup classes are available.