Exclusive 17% Off Books from Armour Publishing for Little Day Out Readers

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Have a bookworm at home? Or trying to encourage the kids to read more? Here’s a piece of good news: Armour Publishing is extending an exclusive 17% off most of its book titles to Little Day Out readers! To enjoy this discount, all you need to do is to key in the promo code LDO17 during checkout! And if your order reaches $50, you’ll enjoy free shipping as well!

Armour Publishing has published many children’s books, including the popular Timmy & Tammy series, Ranger Anne series and Joy Cowley series on physical, emotional and social wellbeing. These books help grow children’s love for reading through stories that are not just compelling, but educational and promote good values as well.

The Timmy & Tammy series, written by Ruth Wan-Lau and illustrated by Eliz Ong, has sold over 280,000 copies and was even presented to Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana to commemorate the royal birth in 2015!


Committed to promoting local writers, Armour Publishing has enabled Singaporean children to enjoy reads with a local flavour and perspective. Timmy and Tammy, from the eponymous series, visit attractions in Singapore such as the Botanic Gardens and Pulau Ubin. Stacey from the Stacey & the Museum series encounters dramatic experiences at Singapore’s iconic museums. The Ranger Anne series is inspired by its author Anita Sebastian’s time of working at the Night Safari.

The museums come alive when Stacey visits in the Stacey & the Museum series, written by Lianne Ong and illustrated by James Tan.

You can also take advantage of the 17% off to purchase books from the Words of Wisdom series, written by teacher-turned-writer Rosalind Lim. This series teaches about common idioms and proverbs through interesting stories so children can fully understand and even use them in their writings!

Read the fun stories, learn these words of wisdoms and put them into practice!

Another type of wisdom is in cultivating good values from young. Introduce your child to acclaimed Australian writer Ken Spillman’s Virtues Series, in which important virtues are identified and shared through relatable characters and engaging stories.

Help your child learn about reliability, compassion, forgiveness and other virtues through interesting stories in the Virtues Series by Ken Spillman.


Want your child to be effectively bilingual? Get Armour Publishing’s Chinese or Malay children’s books too! Ten of the popular titles in the Timmy & Tammy series have been translated to Chinese, so kids can learn to love the language as they immerse themselves in the adventures of Timmy and Tammy.

Now, children can read about Timmy and Tammy’s fun trips to various places in Singapore – in Chinese!

Joy Cowley’s well-being series is also available in Chinese and Malay. The best-selling series has sold more than 240,000 copies and is a good way to help children understand their emotions, learn how to be socially adept and take care of their physical health.

Joy Cowley Series: Emotional Well-being (Malay)


To make your purchase, simply click ‘Buy Product’ at the product listing on Little Day Out Shop, and you will be linked to the corresponding product at the Armour Publishing site. Add the product to cart and enter the promo code LDO17 as requested to enjoy 17% off the retail price. Remember to choose your delivery option.

The discount is applicable to all book titles at Armour Publishing, with the exception of Timmy & Tammy sets and e-books.

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‘Little Day Outing to Castle Beach: Amazing Sandcastles Family Workshop’ is back!


After our sandcastle-building outings ended last year, we received many queries on whether there would be more coming up. We’re happy to announce that ‘Little Day Outing to Castle Beach: Amazing Sandcastles Family Workshop’ is back!

Two outings have been planned for the March holidays. So if you didn’t manage to get your tickets last year, book your place now!

Last year, our participants had fun learning how to build “real” sandcastles – with brick walled towers, intricate battlements, and connecting stairways! – at East Coast Park’s Castle Beach. Families and friends bonded over the fun challenge of designing their own castles, producing good-looking blocks of sand (there is an art to it), and working together to achieve their creative visions.

Happy and accomplished participants at our August outing last year

“Awesome experience”, “kids loved it”, “I think it is a great family activity and kids can build creativity”. These are some of the comments that we received in our feedback forms.

The ‘Amazing Sandcastles Family Workshop’ is conducted by Singapore’s sandcastle-building pioneer, Alvin Lee, with the assistance of his team of instructors. These instructors aren’t just enthusiastic about their craft, they’re passionate about sharing their know-how as well.

The kids went “Wah!” when Alvin showed them how to create a curved flight of steps.

And it’s never just about learning the skills to build a sandcastle. The workshop “taught the kids what teamwork was all about, encouraged creativity and instilled the belief that you can achieve anything you dream of by not giving up”, participant Sophia Wong wrote in her review.

There’s no need to bring your own sand tools to the workshop. We’ll be using those invented by Alvin and his son and niece, which won the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio award at the New York Toy Fair, the Oscar of the toy industry.

If you’re worried about the occurrence of rain (although we think March would be a rather dry month), there are shelters that Alvin and his team will put up when that happens. Ponchos are also available upon request.

We encountered rain once in our August outing, but it didn’t dampen our spirits. Desmond our instructor simply had the shelters put up and switched some parts of the programme around. And we continued to have fun!

Plus, as Alvin always says, rain doesn’t last long at that part of the beach. Because of the sea breeze, rain clouds get blown away rather quickly.

The glorious weather after the rain

So come join us at our March Little Day Outing to Castle Beach! It’ll be tonnes of fun!


Dates: 11 March 2018, Sunday; 17 March 2018, Saturday
Time: 4 – 6pm
Venue: Castle Beach, East Coast Park
Price: $21 for a child-adult ticket; $15 for an additional adult or child ticket
For ages 4 and above
Click here to purchase your tickets.




Chinese New Year Spring Cleaning Idea: Turn Your Child’s Old Onesie into a Dinosaur Plushie


It’s time for the annual spring cleaning again. Can’t bear to give away the cute onesies and t-shirts that your little one has outgrown? Why not turn one of them into a one-of-a-kind dinosaur plushie for your child?

Once a onesie, now a plushie.

Memory Dinosaur is the brainchild of Joo Dee, who turned her hobby of crafting into a business named Crafts For The Masses more than two years ago. She cleverly uses socks and fabric from the onesie or t-shirt provided by a customer to create the adorable soft toy. Every Memory Dinosaur is unique, made specifically with its owner in mind.

The first Memory Dinosaur that Joo Dee made was for her son. To her, it was about “retaining a part of my son’s childhood” by converting his old t-shirt into a dinosaur plushie. Needless to say, her son fell in love with the super huggable toy.

Joo Dee’s son with his customised dinosaur plushie

As orders came in, Joo Dee found more purpose and joy in making the cute dinosaurs.

“It’s so satisfying to be able to help his mommy keep a part of the memory…. It makes it extra meaningful!” Joo Dee said of her handcrafted dinosaur plushie for a little boy called Caden.

Every Memory Dinosaur is made with love and attention to detail. As it is fully handcrafted, it takes about six weeks to complete. It is well worth the wait though, when you see the excitement on your little one’s face!

The familiarity of an old favourite t-shirt, coupled with the appeal of a cute dinosaur figure. Your child will be hugging his or her Memory Dinosaur for years to come! What fun it is to grow up with a dino best friend!

Click here to order a Memory Dinosaur for the little one.

Stress-free Shopping for Unique Christmas Gifts


The lights at Orchard Road are up and blinking. Christmas season is here!

And so is the Christmas shopping!

To help you avoid last-minute shopping stress, we’ve picked out some unique Christmas gifts for you, easily available with just a few swipes and clicks:

Memory Dinosaur


Turn your child’s onesie or t-shirt into a one-of-a-kind dinosaur plushie for him or her! Handcrafted by Crafts for the Masses’ Joo Dee, Memory Dinosaur is a meaningful way to remember your child’s earlier years. This super huggable cutie takes six weeks to complete, so be sure to make your purchase early. Or rather, now!

Memory Dinosaur, $68, from Crafts for the Masses. More info here.

The Ollie Comics


This gem of a read is by Eisner-nominated author Andrew Tan, better known as Drewscape. Through comics that depict often funny real-life scenarios in Andrew’s first two years of fatherhood, this book brings back fond memories for parents who have been there, done that; provides tips for new parents; and engages kids in a different way from their usual books. Read the review here.

The Ollie Comics: Diary of a first-time dad, $24 (free shipping), from Drewscape. Make your purchase here.

3-in-1 Xmas Starry Pack


A bright and cheery Nativity wreath, stuffed Christmas tree ornament, and cute Gingerbread Man stackable crayons. That’s three gifts in one cool busy bag! Little ones will have so much fun sticking, stuffing, and sewing to create their own Christmas decorations!

3-in-1 Xmas Starry Pack, $14.90, from TicTacTote. Get it here.

Singapore Traditional Old School Games Set

Singapore Traditional Old School Games

Introduce the gadget-hungry children of today to the games you played as a kid. Marbles, chaptehs, pick-up sticks, five stones, country erasers, and playing cards! It’s fun the old-school way, and it’s going to be a very refreshing change for the young ones!

Singapore Traditional Old School Games Set, $16, from Little Day Out. Buy your set here

Guide to Primary One – Book and Activity Sheets Bundle

Guide to Primary One

Someone going to Primary One next year? This is the perfect gift to get the little one excited about going to Primary One while offering lessons and tips – pitched at a kid’s level – for transiting well to primary school.

Guide to Primary One – Book and Activity Sheets Bundle, $13.32, from Little Day Out Shop. Purchase it here.






Little Day Outing to the Reel World: Create a Family Movie

clapper board-670x415

It’s going to be “lights, camera, action, and family bonding!” at our newest Little Day Outing this December.

Little Day Outing to the Reel World: Create a Family Movie is a fun-filled workshop where the whole family can come together to make a unique family video at the lovely HortPark.

Doesn’t this themed corner at HortPark, inspired by the bird-watching culture in Singapore, make a poetic backdrop for a family movie?


Conceptualised by multi award-winning producer, Tracy Wong, in collaboration with Little Day Out, this outing will see every member of the family pitching in to produce a video from scratch.

And it’ll be great fun!

Dad could be the Director, Mum the Scriptwriter, the little one the Lead Actor…. Or the younger ones could direct, Mum gets to be Camerawoman, while Dad dances? There are a million ways to assign the roles. And most likely, everyone will have to multi-task. But that just makes it even more fun!

Tracy and JJ Abrams-cropped
Tracy with one of her most admired directors, J.J. Abrams


Inspiring the creative process is the lush compounds of HortPark. Besides housing many varieties of flora and fauna, it also features interesting themed areas.


A mystery drama at the void deck of Block 50 sounds exciting.


As does a news report on sightings of a dragon in the park.


Music video could be another genre worth exploring. Imagine the whole family lip-synching at the park’s open lawn. Now that would make a hilarious Christmas greeting video!


No prior experience is required for participation in the workshop. It’s about learning and getting creative together as a family.

Not only is the workshop a very good way to bond, it also allows participants to learn nifty skills such as framing and setting, and pick up editing tips – all of which can be applied to future videos.


The experience doesn’t end on the day of the workshop. Every family will go home with the footage that they have filmed to complete their editing at home. The final masterpieces are to be submitted for judging by Tracy, and the family with the best entry from each workshop session will win a Rainbow Yule Log from Bakerzin worth $60!

Bakerzin Rainbow Yule Log
Bakerzin’s Rainbow Yule Log  Photo credit: Bakerzin

More than a prize, we hope families will be rewarded with time well spent learning, exploring, and bonding together.

Dates: 9 December 2017, Saturday, 9 – 11.30am; 17 December 2017, Sunday, 2 – 4.30pm
Venue: HortPark, 33 Hyderabad Road
For ages 4 and above

Click here to purchase your tickets.

13 Free Photo Booth Props for your National Day Party


“Hip hip hooray! 51 cheers for Singapore! G——-o, Singapore!”

My 5-year-old enthusiastically waves the mini pompoms in her hands, as she creates an impromptu cheer for the nation.

[See 51 Cheers for Singapore video]

These pompoms are part of a 13-piece photo booth props set that Little Day Out Shop has created specially for the occasion of the nation’s 51st birthday.

Look up at the high-flying F16 jet and go “wow”. “Chope” your place at the best party with the tissue pack. And proclaim your love for Singapore with a bright red loudhailer. There’s lots of fun to be had for kids and adults alike with this set of photo booth props.

The best thing is, it comes free with just $5.10 worth of purchases on littledayoutshop.com.

So go ahead. Say cheese! And have a great National Day celebration!

Start shopping now!

The National Day Photo Booth Props set is a printable product. You’ll receive it as a PDF file via email upon reaching $5.10 in purchases on Little Day Out Shop. Just download, print, and have fun! Promotion ends 14 August.