Ranger Anne Series (Set 1) – Active Leopard, Proud Flamingos, Curious Snake, Flying Stingray


“Anita has the rare talent of populating her Ranger Anne books with interesting and subliminal facts that young minds will take with them to adulthood. Coupled with beautiful illustrations, these books are a surperb way of instilling and nurturing a respect for animals in young readers.”

Bernard Harrison
Principal Partner, Bernard Harrison and Friends
Former CEO, Wildlife Reserves Singapore.

Ranger Anne has one of the best jobs in the world—she takes care of animals and plays with them! How amazing is that?

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4 Books in the Ranger Anne Series (Set 1)

  1. Ranger Anne and the Active Leopard
    Ranger Anne has a special relationship with her leopard friend. She even dreams about him one night…
  2. Ranger Anne and the Proud Flamingos
    Ranger Anne is trying to make friends with the flamingos. Will these proud pink birds pose a problem for Ranger Anne?
  3. Ranger Anne and the Curious Snake
    Have you ever wanted a pet snake? Ranger Anne has one, and she’s got him wrapped around her finger, and other parts of her body too!
  4. Ranger Anne and the Flying Stingray
    Ranger Anne gets a chance to encounter stingrays. These graceful creatures really look like they can fly in the water!

Product Details
229mm by 152mm
32 pages per book
For 3 to 8 years old

About the Author
Anita Sebastian is a local writer and editor. She is a zoologist by training from the National University of Singapore. The Ranger Anne series is inspired from her time working at the Night Safari in Singapore many years ago. Anita was featured on 938live on the Women of Worth segment where the Ranger Anne series was discussed.

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