How Much Is It?


This activity pack aims to help children to understand and articulate the cost of items in English and/or Mandarin. It is divided into three levels to allow progressive learning of the terms, with fun activities and practical applications to reinforce learning. While this kit does not focus on arithmetics or currency recognition, your child will pick up some of these skills inherently. It is hoped that your child will gain confidence in buying food in the canteen, or an item in the shop, with these life skills picked up.

Recommended for ages 3 and above.

This is a printable product. Upon purchase, you'll receive a PDF file. Just download, print, and have fun!

Sold By: Jacqueline Zhang

This kit contains 25 pages of learning fun. There are 11 creative activities designed for three stages of progression, including systematic learning activities, games to apply what has been learnt, and role-playing scenarios. You’ll also find tips on helping your child understand the real-life usage of monetary terms.


This is a printable product. Upon purchase, you’ll receive a PDF file. Just download, print, and have fun!


How Much Is It? is contributed by:
Jacqueline Zhang

Jacqueline and Family

Hi! I’m Jacqueline, a mother to my 2.5 year old boy, Reef. I love teaching and coming up with new ideas. Before Reef came along, I used to teach, plan curriculum and work with youths. Now, with the designing and art work of my good friend, Angeline, I am so glad that my ideas can come to life and be shared. Hope you enjoy the products and I hope to share new ideas regularly here with everyone!