A Fun Way To Get Ready For Primary One


The time has come for the little one to go to primary school.

In addition to academic preparations, it’s a good idea to impress upon your child the joy of learning and the excitement of going to primary school.

This is the motivation behind the creation of Guide To Primary One Activity Sheets.

Through creative activities, Guide To Primary One Activity Sheets helps children learn important skills, such as packing their school bags, buying food at the canteen, and getting to school on time, in fun and challenging ways.



There is a maze to conquer, a creative game set at the school canteen, a secret message from the teacher to decode, and more. Ten fun activities in all!


Guide To Primary One Activity Sheets is a collaboration between Little Day Out co-founder Lester Ng and Little Day Out Shop contributor Wong Wai Ling, and is available at Little Day Out Shop for $4 excluding shipping.

For more tips on adapting to Primary One, check out the Timmy & Tammy Guide To Primary One by Ruth Wan-Lau, also available from Little Day Out Shop.

Guide To Primary One Activity Sheets and Timmy & Tammy Guide To Primary One are also available as a set at 5% off their combined prices. Click here to get the set.

Here’s wishing the little one a good start to primary school education!

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