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  • We're up for a weekend of arts performances, food extravaganzas, festive celebrations and fun bazaars! Check out our list of weekend activities:  http://www.b2s.pm/n44JcD
  • The somber Changi Museum is an important place for learning and start conversations about a significant part of Singapore’s history. It replaces the Old Changi Prison Chapel and Museum, dedicated to all who lived and died in Singapore during the dark years of World War II in the Changi area.  http://www.b2s.pm/y8uR6t
  • Be transported to New York in the 1950s in this energetic production of West Side Story. Look out for its charming leads and committed ensemble cast, as they re-tell the familiar and perhaps well-worn story of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. http://www.b2s.pm/GxN3Di
  • Explore this hidden gem of the East. Tampines Green Forest Park is sure to be at the top of kids’ list of favourite playgrounds in Singapore - and for parents too. Why? Read on to find out:  http://www.b2s.pm/smVKPF
  • Planning for a party? Look no further. From party tableware to banners and foil balloons, goodie bags to themed costumes, here are some places you can go to, including shops with wholesale prices and customised partyware. http://www.b2s.pm/JZwVpV
  • Here's a shortlist of artworks you can head to with the kids at National Gallery Singapore, home to the largest public display of Southeast Asian art in the world. Complete with talking points for an educational little day out! http://www.b2s.pm/3z2tsC
  • Check out these 15+ mooncakes in Singapore, from the uber-fancy to the traditional. There's something for both the adventurous and the "I-like-my-mooncakes-the-good-old-way-thanks"! Read our list:  http://www.b2s.pm/y3Hiid
  • This Children’s Day weekend, 7 & 8 October 2017, make a beeline for the “I’m Proud of You” Family Festival at Singapore Expo Hall 1 for oodles of fun activities and quality time with the family. “I'm Proud of You” Family Festival is Singapore’s largest indoor family festival. Find out more:  http://www.b2s.pm/CZxagd
  • Don't miss this year’s Chinatown Mid-Autumn Festival 2017! Catch the light-up display, go on a mass lantern walk, make some mooncakes, and more. http://www.b2s.pm/wlkvbC
  • The Gruffalo, dinosaurs and more world-class theatre shows will be taking stage at the much-anticipated KidsFest 2018. Here's a look-ahead so that you can book early for the shows starting Jan next year, to avoid disappointment. --Find out here:  http://www.b2s.pm/fCKnHd